Ja'Marr Chase models the Cincinnati Bengals' new white helmet.

The 0-2 Cincinnati Bengals have one of the unique looks in the NFL with their tiger-stripe helmets. Any change to them is sure to draw the attention of fans. That happened Friday morning when the franchise gave us our first look at the “White Bengal” look they’ll showcase for two games this season.

“White Bengal Tigers on the hunt in Cincinnati,” the Bengals tweeted Friday morning with an attached “eyes” emoji.

Fans were quick to praise the sartorial choice:

“There are those that said this day would never come,” Joe Goodberry wrote.

“Icy,” wrote Myles Simmons.

“White helmet on [the] black jersey goes HARD,” wrote another Twitter user.

“Love this — can’t wait to see the team wearing them with their white uniforms for that Thursday game! I guess I’m ‘assuming’ they’ll be wearing white unis that night?” asked Kurt Feldner. (His assumption was wrong.)

“This team may be making me very frustrated but these look INCREDIBLE,” said Kelcey Steele.

There was at least one person, however, who did not like the look:

“Looking like zebras,” Twitter user Robbie noted.

The Cincinnati Bengals will debut their alternate look this Sunday, when they travel to the Meadowlands in search of the season’s first win against the New York Jets. The Bengals will also wear the “White Bengal” look in Week 11 against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Pittsburgh.

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