Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson during a New Year's Day performance against the Washington Commanders (2023).

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson threw for three touchdowns in a 24-10 win over Carson Wentz and the Washington Commanders on New Year’s Day.

Though Watson only completed 9 of his 18 pass attempts for 169 yards, he was not an active detriment to the Browns as he had been in his previous games since returning from this year’s 12-game suspension for gross sexual misconduct to begin the season.

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James created controversial headlines by praising the disgraced quarterback on Twitter. Corporate sponsors still consider the former Nike athlete to be radioactive.

Even the NFL’s official Twitter account is taking great pains to hide Watson’s play on the field despite him serving the League’s mandated suspension and undergoing its required sex addiction counseling:

“The NFL account usually shows the play highlights completely in full,” NFL reporter Dov Kleiman observed. “Deshaun Watson threw 3-TDs today. All are zoomed in to focus on the WR in action, without showing the QB throwing the ball, which is odd. Only in the 2nd do they show Watson for a moment, but not him throwing.”

A quick perusal of other highlights from the NFL’s official Twitter account shows the same theme that Keliman noted:

No official comment yet from the NFL on this apparent social media policy.

[Dov Kleiman]