The Cleveland Browns are 0-8 this season, while their fans are 0-1 when it comes to spelling.

Before their game against the New York Jets on Sunday, the Cleveland Browns were preparing for what they hoped would be their first win of the season. Unfortunately for the Browns, their fans didn’t help their cause.

Well Mike, it did become a trending hashtag on Sunday.

No that sign is not supposed to read “GPODAWUND”. Instead, it’s supposed to read “DAWG POUND.” How do we know that? Well that section is the “DAWG POUND” at the home of the Browns, FirstEnergy Stadium.

Unsurprisingly, just like with every other failed attempt with anything that’s sports related, the “GPODAWUND” mistake got the Crying Jordan treatment.

The failed attempt at getting the massive banner right the first time seemed like it didn’t impact the Browns early on against the Jets. However, despite being home to the reigning NBA champs and AL Pennant winning Cleveland Indians, Cleveland’s football team remembered its true colors.

The Browns ended up losing to the Jets 31-28 to drop to 0-8 on the season.

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