The Cleveland Browns may not be the trendy Super Bowl pick they were last year but a lot of people are still excited for the day when they can jump back on the bandwagon and follow this franchise to the glory that has eluded it for decades.

It appears this may not be their year either.

The Browns started the 2020 NFL season against their former selves, the Baltimore Ravens, and were quickly reminded of why that franchise became a sometimes-Super-Bowl-contender while they continue to struggle almost every year.

It begins on their first drive when, on a third-and-10, Baker Mayfield threw a pass directly into traffic and it was picked off, helping to set up a Ravens touchdown.

Needing a bit of a boost on the ensuing drive, the Browns lined up to punt from their own 30-yard-line and decided to try some razzle-dazzle. Unfortunately, the Browns forgot they are the Browns and their fake punt attempt did not go well at all.

Not great, Browns.

The Ravens turned that into a field goal to go up 10-0. The Browns did put some points on the board after that, however, as Mayfield connected with tight end David Njoku for a touchdown. However, because the Browns can’t stop Browing, Austin Seibert missed the extra point.

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