Multiple NFL teams were scheduled to launch new uniforms and that could not come at a better time. With everything going around and the sports world effectively stopped, a new design launch is something everyone can have an opinion on and have a nice debate.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Atlanta Falcons released their new uniforms last week and the Cleveland Browns are the latest team on the clock. The Browns have been teasing a look that honors their past and I must say that’s very much the case here.

If you were to ask anybody what a Browns uniform looks like, they would probably look like these three. Other than maybe having orange pants, this is pretty much a Browns uniform. The only non-retro looking uniform is their all-brown Color Rush design with orange numbers but it’s tough to go nostalgia with a Color Rush uniform so that’s understandable.

These uniforms are basic but honestly, basic works for the Browns. Orange and brown aren’t exactly popular colors for a sports team and it would be very easy to overthink the situation, like in their recent design. And I’m someone who appreciates a team taking risks in their designs, even if it might not work; but for a team with a history like the Cleveland Browns, it’s probably best to take minimal risks and that’s just what they did.

[Photo: @Browns]

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