Cody Latimer

Cody Latimer came out on the wrong side of a fight earlier this year. On Sunday, TMZ released video of the Broncos’ receiver slapping a bouncer outside a strip club near his hometown of Dayton, Ohio, in an incident that took place back in February. The slap came after Latimer kept putting his hand on the bouncer and the bouncer kept pushing his hand away, and it resulted in the bouncer punching Latimer and then spraying him with mace. Here’s the video:

No charges came out of this. TMZ added “We’re told 24-year-old Latimer was trying to get into Diamonds Cabaret strip club near Dayton at the end of February with his uncle and a friend … but got into a disagreement with the bouncer about the dress code.” For his part, Latimer told Mike Klis of Denver NBC affiliate 9News that he was trying to deescalate the situation, and that it wasn’t about a dress code:

“It was initially a disagreement (between my uncle and the bouncer) and I was trying to break it up,’’ Latimer told 9NEWS on Sunday morning. “It happened six months ago. It was February 20. It had nothing to do with a dress code. There’s not much to say about it. There weren’t any cops called. I didn’t want trouble so we got out. That’s it. It happened six months ago.’’

Latimer also posted a longer response on Twitter:

Latimer was the team’s second-round draft pick in 2014. He’s mostly played on special teams thus far, and has just 16 career catches for 158 yards and a touchdown. It seems unlikely anything further will come of this specific incident, with no charges laid and no police investigation (plus the Broncos already informed of the situation), but this video isn’t a good look for Latimer. It’s far from the worst thing anyone in the NFL’s done, but it’s not exactly what you want your players out doing either.


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