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It’s hard to keep track of what Colin Cowherd wants to see out of his athletes.

We know that he doesn’t like it when someone wears a backward hat. That’s been a calling card of his for years and he recently broke it back out to complain about JJ Redick, of whom he said, “To turn your life around, you have to first turn your hat around.”

Cowherd offered more clarity about what he wants athletes to look like during Friday’s The Herd when he and co-host Jason McIntyre discussed his appreciation of scruffy facial hair.

After seeing a picture of Chicago Bears quarterback Caleb Williams with a forward-facing hat and a little bit of facial hair, Cowherd expanded on his ethos.

“For the record, on game day, I don’t want my guys clean-shaven,” said Cowherd. “They’re going to battle. I don’t want a razor in the facility three days before. They’re going to battle. I want guys that look like they just came out of the forest carrying timber. I don’t even care if they bathed. Two days before, I would say, ‘Showers don’t work, no razors in the facility.’ I want wolverines walking out onto the field.

“Hats, totally different.”

Cowherd noted that he appreciated Andrew Luck’s neckbeard when he was quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts.

“If I’m going to go do something that’s physical, like go work out, I don’t shower, I don’t shave. On the weekends, I’m all scruffy,” he said. “You’re going to go be physical. You gotta look the part, you’re going to feel emotionally the part. I like my players to be a little scruffy.”

So there you have it. Hats forward and razorblades down, everyone.

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