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Now that the NFL Draft is over, report cards are coming out for each team. NFL analysts widely think that the Dallas Cowboys did well even though they didn’t draft a running back or wide receiver.

Colin Cowherd has a theory as to why the Cowboys didn’t draft the way some expected them to. He thinks that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones did it purposefully as a strategy against Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott.

He thinks Jones is putting pressure on his star quarterback so that, if he fails, Jones will have an excuse not to give him a massive payday.

“This is going to be a completely Dak-led offense, and there will be limitations in a contract year,” said Cowherd.


“If Dak doesn’t get a 100-yard run support, he has a losing record, Dak has feasted on losing teams in the NFL,” he added, while noting that their NFC East rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles, had some major off-season signings while the Cowboys did nothing.

But Cowherd says don’t confuse tanking with strategy, which he believes is what Jones is doing. He thinks Jones doesn’t want to pay “A+ money” to a “B quarterback.”

“He would rather sacrifice this season,” says Cowherd. “Jerry does not want to lose leverage again like he did the last time on Dak and massively overpay for him.”

He may be right. And to be fair, Prescott still has some work to do to justify making Patrick Mahomes-type money.

Right now, the Cowboys can’t afford to pay a big-time name in free agency, as Cowherd pointed out. So for now, Jones will ride into this season with the horses he got and see where they lead him. “All-in,” indeed.

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