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Last year, after the Los Angeles Rams won the Super Bowl, there was rampant speculation that head coach Sean McVay would make the immediate jump to the TV booth. That didn’t happen obviously, but McVay and the Rams are now mired in a miserable follow-up season and considering starting Baker Mayfield at quarterback just to keep going. Radio host Colin Cowherd is connecting the dots on his end and thinks that this time, McVay won’t miss his opportunity to get out of a bad situation and become a broadcaster.

McVay said he was “not pursuing any television opportunities” last year after the Super Bowl and signed an extension in September. But Cowherd doesn’t think that will stop the 36-year-old from considering a career change.

As Cowherd notes, the Rams are on the downswing, Aaron Donald could potentially retire, and the team might need to start its rebuild while wondering if Matthew Stafford can continue to play at a high level. Would McVay really want to go through that two years after winning a championship?

“If Amazon came up…if Sean McVay was offered a three-to-four-year deal by Amazon to do Thursday Night Football, I think he would take it. I do not think he wants to be part of the rebuild,” said Cowherd.

Obviously, it’s all speculation for now, but if the Rams finish with one of the worst records in the league, as they very well might, it’ll be interesting to see what McVay wants to do next year.

[Colin Cowherd]

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