Former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick throws passes at halftime of the Michigan spring game April 2, 2022 at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor. Mich Spring

For weeks, there’s been a lot of speculation around Colin Kaepernick and a potential return to the NFL. The Seattle Seahawks were the franchise mostly linked to that opportunity but they don’t seem willing at this point to take a chance on the former NFL quarterback in spite of his recent efforts to prove that he can still play.

However, it appears that another NFL franchise is getting linked to Kaepernick in recent days.

While some felt that the arrival of the USFL would have been the perfect way for Colin to showcase himself to the NFL, insider Josina Anderson floated the notion that the Carolina Panthers could work as a potential destination for the quarterback.

“The Panthers should strongly consider working out Colin Kaepernick now,” wrote Anderson. “I remember when the Commanders weren’t initially keen on working out Adrian Peterson a few years ago. He went on to start 31 regular-season games for them. I’ll say now, what I said then—it’s just a workout.”

Whether or not the franchise, which is in desperate need of stability at the signal-caller spot, would consider that remains to be seen. However, at least one member of the roster would be very open to the idea.

Wide receiver Robbie Anderson commented on a post sharing Josina’s thoughts and clearly appears to be in favor of it. He also seems to be firmly against the idea of the Panthers pursuing Baker Mayfield.

The odds remain against Kaepernick getting signed by any NFL team, even though franchises were falling over themselves to trade for Deshaun Watson despite some serious character concerns. We’ll see if anyone ends up taking a chance on Kaepernick and risks alienating a section of their fanbase who dislike him over his social justice protests and work.

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