Former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick throws passes at halftime of the Michigan spring game April 2, 2022 at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor. Mich Spring

Colin Kaepernick has increasingly been in the news as of late as he is attempting an NFL comeback five years after he last took a snap in the league.

The 34-year-old has had numerous workouts that have garnered a ton of attention, first with Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett back in March, and then throwing during halftime of Michigan’s spring game.

Kaepernick seems very dedicated to making a return in any role that is given to him in the NFL and odds have emerged as to which teams are most likely to end up signing him.

According to Adam Thompson of, the favorite to sign Kaepernick remains the Seattle Seahawks at +600.

The teams that follow behind the Seahawks are the Baltimore Ravens at +700, the Carolina Panthers at +800, the Detroit Lions at +1050, and the Kansas City Chiefs at +1200.

That said, the most likely odds are being given to the outcome that no team signs Kaepernick, which Thompson is projecting at -200.

While Kaepernick certainly seems dead set on an NFL return, it remains to be seen whether or not it will come to fruition. The only team that has outwardly said that they have interest in him is the Seahawks, with head coach Pete Carroll previously saying that he regrets not signing him in past years before having a discussion with Kaepernick this offseason. However, those conversations appear to have cooled.

It could be too far gone for Kaepernick, who has been out of the league for six years. This could be his final attempt to revive his NFL career and, for now, it doesn’t appear likely to happen.


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