The Seattle Seahawks find themselves in a situation where they could really use a veteran quarterback.

The market for quality veteran quarterbacks has been drying up as many of the top potential signal-callers have been traded or signed with new teams already.

Colin Kaepernick has been promoting his ability to still play quarterback at a high level and has worked out with multiple current Seahawks players in recent days.

The Seahawks and Kaepernick have been linked in the past and head coach Pete Carroll once said he had “regret” about not signing him after he left the 49ers.

So it would seem that if the stars were ever going to align on Kaepernick finding a way back into the NFL after getting blackballed following his national anthem protests, this would be it.

However, Carroll was asked about any potential that Colin might get signed or get a shot in training camp and his answer seemed to shut the door on the idea.

“Our conversations have not progressed since the early connection that we made,” Carroll said. “I’ve watched a bunch of his workouts… to kind of keep me up with what’s going on. He’s really working hard. He’s all over the country, traveling around, getting his workouts in. So he’s still competing for it.”

Unless the Seahawks are looking to exhaust all of their options before even considering Kaepernick, or simply don’t want to deal with the pushback that would come from bringing him on board, it does feel like the door may be closed on the former NFL star.

While Kaepernick hasn’t played in the NFL since 2016, he did put up 12,271 passing yards, 72 touchdown passes, and 30 interceptions. And given the number of mediocre quarterbacks who have gotten second, third, and fourth chances in the time between then and now, you’d think someone would at least want to kick the tires and see if there’s a chance.

But then again,  maybe there’s bad blood between the NFL and Kaepernick that just won’t be erased.

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