Earlier today, we brought you the story of the Atlanta-area grade-school students who used the Falcons devastating overtime Super Bowl loss as an excuse for why they were tardy to school.

Those kids, however, have been seriously one-upped by a college professor at Georgia Southern University.

Tyson Davis, a  multimedia film & production professor, sent his class an email Sunday night with the subject line “NO CLASS TOMORROW…AND YOU CAN THANK THE FALCONS FOR THAT…SOAT LEAST ONE GOOD THING CAME OUT OF THIS PATHETIC GAME.”

The body of the email informed students that class Monday was canceled because, “I am in mourning.”

Hopefully our man Professor Davis cleared this with his boss or else he might be in some trouble for canceling class over the result of a football game. Or he might also be at home crying that his team blew a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl.

The students in the class are probably just lucky Davis didn’t take out his frustration by assigning extra homework.

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