The Bills' game against the Colts saw tons of snow.

The Buffalo Bills hosted the Indianapolis Colts in a snowstorm Sunday, and that led to all sorts of craziness. For one thing, announcers Spiro Dedes and Adam Archuleta weren’t able to see much from the booth:

And when it came to kickoffs and field goals, the broadcast had to often use cameras from the sidelines instead of overhead shots. Here’s a look at why:

The kickers ran into plenty of issues, too:

As did the punt returners, given the lack of bounce:

Oh, and the Colts blended right in with the field:

It’s been quite the weekend for weather games, with Saturday’s Army-Navy game in Philadelphia also played in snow that caused issues for players and broadcasters. But the snowstorm in Buffalo looks even worse. And beyond those playing in or calling the game, it also made it rough for the rest of the media covering the game, too, and for fans in the stands:

It took a while for the passing game to get going for both teams, but there were some eventual results:

And at least this led to lots of Star Wars and Game of Thrones jokes:

Thoughts to everyone freezing in the snow here.

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