We’ve all had a few friendly bets with friends when our team plays theirs, and the loser often has to do something humiliating, self-deprecating, or both. After the Jaguars beat the Colts last week in London, the Colts mascot “Blue” had to honor a bet that he made with the Jags mascot Jaxson De Ville today, and it’s pretty funny.

He’s wearing Jaxson’s Jaguars jersey and has to hold up a sign saying that he’s the best mascot in the world. Three years ago, when the result was flipped, Jaxson had to take a few paintball shots to the chest from Blue to honor his end of the bet. Blue might not have had to do that today, but wearing a Jaguars jersey and having to say that their mascot is not only better than you but the best in the world is probably a tough pill to swallow.

And every time he appears on camera, so will that jersey, and so will that sign.

[SB Nation]

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