The Indianapolis Colts might consider the Carson Wentz era a “mistake” but, so far, the Washington Commanders can’t get enough of their new quarterback.

Head coach Ron Rivera has been extremely effusive about the quarterback he traded for this offseason, saying recently that Wentz checks all the boxes on what they’re looking for, and seeing him on the field and the way he interacts with teammates gives him a lot of confidence.

Now, Washington quarterbacks coach Ken Zampese is talking up Wentz and his intuitiveness at the position.

“He’s intuitive, he’s curious, he’s hungry for football — that’s the part that’s fun for me,” Zampese said, via Bijan Todd of

Zampese said that he’s been working with Wentz to get him to finish throws better as well as working on his hips and side to be better lined up toward his targets. So far, the process is working and Wentz is buying in.

“He’s curious, and in a good way. That’s what we’re looking for,” Zampese said. “The communication’s been great, his ideas, doing what we’re asking him to do and wanting to know, ‘Hey, how do you want to do this, how do you see this play?’ That curiosity will get us further, faster. It’s really been fun that way to see that.”

Considering this is Wentz’s third team in three seasons, you might assume that he’s not really connecting with his teammates, but Zampese said the situation is anything but that.

“He’s fitting in with the guys in the room and the guys in the receiver group and on the team,” Zampese said. “He’s fitting in fine and we just need to get him more time with us.”

We’ll see how long the honeymoon lasts. Hopefully longer than it did in Indianapolis.


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