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Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder can’t even go to a football game at FedEx Field without being reminded of the controversy engulfing him.

Sunday, as the Commanders pulled off an impressive 23-21 win over the Green Bay Packers, some fans in the stadium held up signs saying, “Sell the team.”

But according to several fans, security staffers made them put down the signs.

Tom Manatos, the founder of, said he had a sign, but security ordered him to put it down. So he put a bag over his head with the “Sell the team” message, but they made him take it off.

Some fans got around the “Sell the team” ban in creative ways, such as wearing the message on their clothing.


Snyder has been in the news for months, and his situation keeps getting worse. A United States House Oversight Committee is investigating Snyder for allegations of sexual harassment, misogyny, and financial fraud. The NFL is conducting a separate investigation. Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay said recently the league probably has the 24 team owner votes it needs to force Snyder to sell the team. ESPN reported last week that team owners will wait for the investigations to conclude before taking any action against Snyder.

Many Washington fans are ready for Snyder to exit.

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