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The Washington Commanders lost in embarrassing fashion on Sunday as the Cleveland Browns defeated them 24-10. Quarterback Carson Wentz was so dreadful, he had fans calling for Taylor Heinicke in the first half. So suffice it to say, it was a very bad day in Landover, Maryland. But it was only about to get worse due to Ron Rivera’s stunning and embarrassing admission.

The Commanders’ head coach didn’t realize that a loss Sunday could eliminate his team from playoff contention, he admitted in his postgame presser. A reporter said to Rivera, “To clarify, you said you would talk about quarterback next week. If you guys are eliminated today by what happens at 4 o’clock, is Sam Howell in consideration?”

Rivera, who appeared puzzled, asked the reporter, “We can be eliminated?” The reporter then explained the scenario to the Washington coach.

This isn’t the only time this season that a member of the Commanders made a stunning admission. Pro Bowl wide receiver Terry McLaurin revealed after the team tied with the playoff-bound New York Giants that he didn’t know ties could happen.

The loss Sunday could completely crater Washington, who made a late surge to try and make the postseason again. But now their fate hangs in the balance with the Minnesota Vikings. Nobody might be praying on Aaron Rodgers’ downfall more than the Commanders, and now Rivera, who was apparently unaware that the team was on the brink.

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