Condoleezza Rice Former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice talks with Notre Dame President Rev. John Jenkins during the “”A Conversation With: Condoleezza Rice” event Thursday, April 28, 2022 at the Mendoza College of Business on campus at Notre Dame in South Bend. A Conversation With Condoleezza Rice

The Denver Broncos announced Monday that former White House Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is now part-owner of the franchise.

Rice has always been a football fan and was, at one point, part of the College Football Playoff committee. So no one was really surprised when she was named as part-owner, especially not her ex-boyfriend, Rick Upchurch, who use to play for the Broncos.

“We’d go over after a game and talk about what happened. Me and her dad, he was a huge Cleveland Browns fan and Jim Brown fan, he would ask about certain situations that happened in the game,” said Upchurch, via 9news. “Leezza would ask, ‘Why did you run a play?’ She knew the game. She understood football because her dad was such a big football fan.”

Rice and Upchurch met and dated back in the mid-70s through her dad John, who was helping players earn their degrees. They dated for almost two years before they went their separate ways in pursuit of their own careers.

But Upchurch knew then that Rice was meant for bigger things and that she knew the game.

“I wasn’t surprised,’’ Upchurch said. “Was not surprised because I knew she had the ability. She’s very smart business-wise, she’s good with people, she gives her opinion. I think Condoleezza Rice joining the Broncos’ ownership group is going to culturally help the NFL. It’s good to have a woman in a leadership position. Women are so organized. And women are not going to be afraid to fight the fight.’’


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