Tony Pollard

Dallas Cowboys running back Tony Pollard’s game ended in the first half Sunday after he suffered an ankle injury.

The injury left some fans calling for the NFL to crack down on the type of tackle that injured Pollard.

After hauling in a short reception, Pollard went down awkwardly on a tackle by San Francisco 49ers cornerback Jimmie Ward, who grabbed Pollard around the waist and fell on his legs.

Pollard tried getting to his feet, but could only crawl before being helped off the field by trainers. After heading to the medical tent, he went to the locker room on a cart. The Cowboys later ruled him out with a high ankle sprain.

While running back Ezekiel Elliott is the starter in Dallas, Pollard is far more explosive at this stage, and has been a valuable weapon the past two seasons. He rushed for 1,007 yards (5.2 yards per carry) and had 12 total touchdowns in the regular season.

Many NFL fans on Twitter blamed Ward’s technique for the injury, and said the NFL needs to crack down on that type of tackle.

One fan tweeted, “It’s the new horse collar tackle. Grab at the waist and drop your body on to the back of their legs.”

Another fan noted, “They need to outlaw these type of tackles so many people jump on back of legs and many injuries this year because of it.”

We’ll see if anything comes of these calls for a crackdown.

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