Russell Wilson

When the Denver Broncos traded for Russell Wilson, they acquired his skill as a leader and Super Bowl champion. They also acquired his cringe-iness, which is off the charts when it comes to NFL quarterbacks, and that really is saying something.

Wilson has developed a reputation for being very awkward and cringy in his public appearances, videos, and commercials. The TikTok video that he made to promote his Subway sandwich, which was originally posted earlier this year but has since resurfaced, might be one of the most cringe things he’s done yet.

In the video, which is still up on TikTok despite claims it has been deleted, Wilson is eating his signature sandwich, the Dangerwitch, while also talking to the camera and asking the viewer if “they’ve ever done anything dangerous.”

It’s somewhat disturbing to watch, partly because Wilson is having a conversation with no one and partly because he’s staring directly at us the whole time. Also, the “it’s spicy” is terrifying in ways that are hard to quantify.

The NFL world has been having a field day with Wilson so far this season as he’s struggled with the Denver offense and they’ve had no problem going all-in on this video as well, suggesting that this is as close as the QB will ever get to being The Joker.

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