Bills safety Damar Hamlin was back at the Cincinnati hospital where he was treated, visiting the people who helped saved his life. McDowell sophomore Lurissa DeJesus poses with Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin during an April 29, 2023, autograph session at East Middle School. Hamlin, who nearly died on the field during the Bills’ Jan. 2, 2023, NFL game at Cincinnati, was the featured speaker for Global Youth Services Day festivities that were sponsored by the Youth Leadership Institute of Erie. P1hamlin042923 Jpg

It’s unlikely that anyone who watched the Monday Night Football game between the Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills on January 2, 2023 will soon forget it. Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field. And as the Bengals and Bills and decided to stop the game, nobody at Cincinnati’s Paycor Stadium or watching at home knew if Hamlin would survive.

Of course, we know now that Hamlin did survive. The athletic trainers helped save his life on the field. He was then taken to UCMC (University of Cincinnati Medical Center) where he was treated and eventually, released.

Months later, a lot has changed. And on Saturday, Hamlin was back in Cincinnati, at UCMC. This time, it wasn’t as a patient. He was visiting the people who helped save his life nearly seven months ago.

“Good to see you again, @hamlinisland!” the hospital tweeted. “Damar stopped by UCMC earlier today to visit with staff, patients and a portion of the care team that supported him throughout his recovery. Keep changing the world! 🫶”

Hamlin responded to the message with “Family. 🫶🏾”

Hamlin’s recovery process has been remarkable, especially considering how frightening things were that night. Not only did survive, but he’s still planning on returning to the NFL.

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