Damar Hamlin Bills safety Damar Hamlin stands over Vikings receiver Adam Thielen after a catch. Syndication Democrat And Chronicle

University of Cincinnati doctors say that although Damar Hamlin continues to make tremendous improvement, he still remains in critical condition.

The good news, however, is that Hamlin’s breathing tube was removed, he is now breathing on his own, and his neurological functions are excellent. Though doctors still want to keep an eye on his progress for the next few days to make sure he continues to heal.

“From our standpoint, we would like to see him continue to improve, to be completely breathing on his own,” Dr. Timothy Pritts said Thursday. “And then to be ready to be discharged from the hospital. So those are the immediate next steps as we go for his care. His family has been with him at his bedside, as have members of Buffalo Bills organization, really since this all began, and we really want to get him home to them, so those will be the immediate next steps and then we’ll talk about potential plans for the future.”

Many think it is a miracle that Hamlin is still alive after he collapsed Monday night but the medical team on the field saved not only his life but his quality of life. If they didn’t get to Hamlin quickly enough to administer CPR in time, he may have survived but have neurological issues.

Thanks to them, he may be on his way to a full recovery.

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