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There have not been many updates on the condition of Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin over the past few days after his horrifying incident on Monday night aside from a series of vague but hopeful updates from his friend and business partner. But on Thursday, the Buffalo Bills shared a very promising update on Hamlin’s status that got the NFL world excited.

In a statement, the Bills revealed that Damar Hamlin had shown “remarkable improvement over the past 24 hours” and appears to be “neurologically intact” after the harrowing incident.

It’s absolutely massive news given the severity of his condition, and the NFL world was quick to celebrate on Twitter.

“Thanks to the incredible medical staff that has cared for Damar Hamlin, including the first responders who performed life saving CPR, the #Bills are able to provide a great update,” Marshall Kramsky of WCPO said in a Tweet.

Damar Hamlin’s health shows “remarkable improvement”… his lungs continue to heal & Hamlin “appears to be neurologically intact.” This update as @NBCNews has learned Hamlin’s father joined a Zoom call with a relieved Buffalo Bills team to tell players he was making progress.” Maura Barrett of NBC Sports said in a Tweet.

“The best combination of words I could’ve heard this morning: “Damar Hamlin” & “remarkable improvement”” Emmanuel Acho said in a Tweet.

“Not that we’re owed anything here, but it’s great to have doctors relay that it’s improvement instead of getting 898 different tweets about whether something they heard is a good sign or not. This is an encouraging update,” Alex Kirshner said in a Tweet.

While it’s clear Hamlin still has a lot of progress to make, that update was certainly a reason to celebrate.

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