Indianapolis Colts QB Dan Orlovsky calls a play at the line against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the second half of their game Sunday afternoon at Everbank Field in Jacksonville FL. The Colts lost to the Jaguars 13-19. Matt Kryger / The Star 37 Spcolts02 184463

For ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky, the NFL season can’t start soon enough. On Friday, Orlovsky decided to talk about a non-football matter. His opinion was wildly unpopular.

Orlovsky offered a take on how wine should be enjoyed.

Wine drinkers are very particular about how it should be enjoyed. The way that most of them enjoy wine does not come close to aligning with how Orlovsky enjoys it.

To say that this did not go over well would be the understatement of the century. The vinophiles in the NFL world ripped Orlovsky’s take.

One fan even compared this take unfavorably to an infamous moment from Orlovsky’s playing career.

Certainly, this is something of a lull period for the NFL. There’s not a lot to talk about just yet. Orlovsky clearly needed to find some way to fill the time.

Orlovsky would probably get more public support if he said that grass is blue and the sky is green.

In the future, we’d suggest he weigh in on controversial political matters. Or, if he wants to stay in the sports world, a take on Kevin Durant might be wise. Sure, talking about those matters would spark a great deal of debate. But in a debate, you’re generally going to get some people coming in on your side, even if your opinion is wildly unpopular.

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