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It’s not uncommon for ESPN to get the people going with the hot-take machine the network’s had running since the early 2010s. That trend remained true on Thursday morning. On First Take, analyst Dan Orlovsky dropped an absolute doozy of a take regarding all-time great NFL quarterbacks.

Orlovsky claimed a few things that were absurd, even for what the network tends to trot out. First, he said that Patrick Mahomes was the second-best quarterback of all time. Granted, Mahomes is excellent and could become a two-time Super Bowl Champion this year. But, clearly, there’s a lot more for him to accomplish. That wasn’t all though, because Orlovsky failed to include an all-time great in his Top 5: Joe Montana, four-time Super Bowl Champion and multitime NFL MVP, perhaps you’ve heard the name.

As Awful Announcing pointed out, Orlovsky didn’t just take this list out for a walk. He went further and went on for several minutes to explain why Montana was omitted. Keyshawn Johnson, longtime ESPN presence, was absolutely fed up with what he was hearing.

“You’re either doing this to troll people and get your Twitter game up and your Instagram game and your TikTok! How the hell you lose Joe Montana off this list?” Johnson irately asked. “What’s wrong with you!? Before there was a Brady, there was a Montana!”

Johnson was not the only one to dish out scorn to Orlovsky for this scorching-hot quarterbacks take. Even Sir Mix-A-Lot thought he was talking crazy.


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