While Derek Carr is no slouch, he hasn’t enjoyed anything close to the career that Aaron Rodgers has. But Davante Adams, who will now be catching passes from Carr following his trade to the Las Vegas Raiders from the Green Bay Packers, isn’t convinced there’s a dropoff from his old quarterback to his new one.

Adams recently spoke on the two quarterbacks, and while he noted some differences between Carr and Rodgers, he sees similar talent and ability in them.

NFL fans were not blown away by Adams’ argument.

To be totally fair to Adams, he can’t say much else. It would look really bad for a receiver to come out and say that his new quarterback is nowhere near as good as his old one. That said, this is not Adams’ best argument.

Carr broke into the league in 2014. He’s started all but one of the Raiders’ regular-season games in that time. For his career, Carr has completed 65% of his passes for 31,700 yards, with 193 touchdowns, 85 interceptions, and a 92.4 passer rating.

Rodgers has been in the league a lot longer than Carr, so his career numbers are obviously a lot better. But if we judge Rodgers since 2014, we get a fair comparison.

In some respects, the numbers actually are close.

Since 2014, Rodgers has also completed 65% of his passes and even has slightly fewer passing yards than Carr, with 31,163. But there are some critical differences. First of all, Rodgers has missed 10 games in that time. Secondly, Rodgers has 261 touchdown passes and 41 interceptions for a passer rating of 104.2, which blows away Carr’s totals in those categories. Rodgers has also won three of his four MVP Awards since 2014, including in both 2020 and 2021.

Finally, there’s the biggest difference. Carr has a career record of 57-70. Rodgers is 81-37-1 since 2014. And while the Packers have struggled in the playoffs recently, Rodgers has a 6-6 mark in postseason games played during Carr’s career. Carr, meanwhile, is 0-1 in playoff games.

We can commend Adams for sticking up for his new quarterback and his Fresno State teammate. But this quote may not go down as one of his best.

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