Davante Adams After a fantastic game in a losing effort to the Chiefs, Raiders receiver Davante Adams had a bad moment walking off the field.

Receiver Davante Adams starred for the Las Vegas Raiders during Monday night’s game against the Kansas Chiefs Chiefs. Despite his heroics during the game, though, the Raiders ended up on the wrong end of a 30-29 final score. And on his way off of the field, Adams had a moment that he probably wants back.

Las Vegas’ final offensive play of the game came when Derek Carr’s deep pass fell incomplete on a fourth down. There was a lot of contact but as it turned out, there was no penalty. Adams collided with his teammate, Hunter Renfrow. Adams was understandably upset afterward. That frustration had not simmered a few minutes later when Adams was walking to the locker room after the game and found a media member in his way.

Adams shoved the man, who fell to the ground.

This is hard to defend. And for the most part, people who saw the incident weren’t interested in trying.

And of course, we couldn’t see this and not get one reaction comparing it to Monday night’s other controversial moment.

After some time had passed and he cooled down some, Adams did apologize for his actions before answering any questions from reporters.

He also apologized on Twitter.

There will no doubt be discipline from this. A fine is inevitable and a suspension is distinctly possible. This is not like what Bobby Wagner did to a protester who ran on the field during Week 4’s Monday Night Football game between Wagner’s Los Angeles Rams and the San Francisco 49ers. Assuming the person Adams shoved is credentialed, he had every right to be on the field. And while Adams is entitled to his frustration, that’s not limitless.

[Photo Credit: ESPN]

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