DeAndre Hopkins is one of the best wide receivers in the National Football League, and now he’s going to be paid like it.

Well that’s a nice chunk of change. Hopkins took a step back in 2016 when he racked up 954 receiving yards and four touchdowns in 16 games. However in 2015, the wideout cruised to 11 touchdowns and 1,521 receiving yards in 16 games, easily the best season of his career.

The $49 million guaranteed sets a record for most money guaranteed to any wide receiver currently in the NFL. The second most guaranteed money a wideout has gotten is Julio Jones’ $35.5 million. The $81 million total for Hopkins also surpasses Jones’ $71.25 million total.

If you want to compare his total sum to quarterbacks and running backs, he’d be the 12th highest paid QB and highest paid RB. As for guaranteed money, Hopkins’ $49MM guaranteed would be the third most among quarterbacks and most among running backs.

Hopkins was drafted by the Houston Texans in 2013, 27th overall out of Clemson. The 25-year-old was the second wide receiver drafted in 2013 after Tavon Austin went 8th overall. Cordarrelle Patterson was the third wideout taken at 29th overall. Hopkins and Patterson are the only two wide receivers from that class to have been selected to a Pro Bowl.

Hopkins is getting paid, which means a lot of hating Twitter users are suddenly NFL analysts who think this is a horrible move.

Of course, others are a big more high on this signing for Houston.

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