The Las Vegas Raiders finished 10-7 and made the NFL playoffs (thanks to a wild final game of the season), which is saying something given all the issues that could have derailed the franchise early on in the 2021-2022 season.

A big part of the reason the Raiders were able to pull it all together was quarterback Derek Carr. The eight-year veteran put up a career-best 4,804 passing yards along with 23 touchdowns and a 68.4% completion percentage. In his first-ever playoff game this season, Carr threw for 310 yards and a touchdown, but also lost a fumble and threw a game-losing interception.

While the Raiders might feel like continuing to build around Carr is the right thing to do, they might also see this as the ideal chance to sell high on the veteran. There are plenty of franchises around the league that would kill for a solid starter like him and, apparently, they’re reaching out to kick the tires on a potential trade.

Carr is under contract through next season, so that could be part of the reason that the Raiders might consider trading him in order to get some long-term value out of him rather than losing him outright after 2022-2023. There is perhaps a ceiling on how far Carr can ever take you, so perhaps the Raiders could see this as a time to get a lot for him and then build around someone potentially better.

At the moment there doesn’t seem to be any indication that Las Vegas is looking to move Carr, but plenty of NFL folks had something to say about the possibility.

Rumors of a potential Derek Carr trade seem to pop up every offseason but if there was ever a time it was going to happen, this is it.

[Vincent Bonsignore]

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