Derek Carr

Not too long ago former Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr said he’d rather retire than play for another NFL team but he changed his tune.

After the Raiders made it clear they were moving on from him, Carr shopped for a new team and found a new home with the New Orleans Saints and now Carr says signing with the Saints has rejuvenated his career.

“This organization, the family dynamic, the togetherness that they build every single day that you see from the top down, that’s special,” Carr said, via the Saints website. “That doesn’t just happen overnight. That’s years of work. So the foundation and the culture is already laid, I’ve just got to come in and be me.

“I’ve just been a fly on the wall, being encouraging and being a leader and doing those things when I need to be and saying something when I need to say something. But I’ve honestly enjoyed my time just getting to be me again. I think being in this building has rejuvenated me. It’s been a breath of fresh air for me. I never wanted to leave Las Vegas, but when I walked into this building after the last couple of months, I’m like, man, I’m glad I’m here,” he concluded.

That family-like atmosphere within the organization and city itself has been talked about over the years by players like Drew Brees who started out in San Diego but ended up being in New Orleans where he became a prominent fixture in the city and is still beloved by fans to this day.

Maybe Derek Carr can build those same relationships in the future especially if he wins.

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