Derrick Henry Stiff Arm

Derrick Henry strikes fear into the hearts 0f defensive backs everywhere.

When the Tennessee Titans running back breaks into the secondary, they know he’s going to be a load to bring down at 247 pounds.

And then there’s his infamous stiff-arm.

Jacksonville Jaguars safety Rayshawn Jenkins got a close look at that Saturday night. Henry took a handoff midway through the second quarter and cut outside, gathering a full head of steam.

Jenkins closed in to make the tackle. Henry stiff-armed him out of the way to pick up another eight yards.

It wasn’t the greatest Henry stiff-arm ever. That honor goes to the hit he put on Josh Norman, then playing for the Buffalo Bills, in a 2020 game.

Still, this was one of Henry’s better stiff-arms. Or worst stiff-arms, depending on your point of view. While plenty of NFL fans loved Henry’s shove, others wonder why such plays aren’t flagged the way other players are penalized for hands to the face.

That Derrick Henry stiff arm has to be so humbling. He really is a real-life version of NFL blitz,” tweeted a fan.

“Is there a support group for recipients of a Derrick Henry stiff arm?” tweeted Rachel Whitaker.

“Why is this legal 🙂 Hit to the helmet. Weird but effective!” tweeted David R. Baker.

“Can someone explain why offensive hands to the face is legal?” tweeted Jeff Cohen.

If I’m Troy Aikman as DH goes up that man’s head I say “and again, completely within the rules, just a titanic display of strength by Henry,” tweeted a fan.

“This is not impressive in any way — it’s an illegal and dangerous move the NFL decided to allow for some reason,” tweeted Randall Bond.

Joshua Cho tweeted, “Love Derrick Henry, but it’s not hard to throw someone out of the way when you’re much bigger and stronger, and when you have the momentum going. Almost all his stiff arm highlights are against much smaller DBs.”

[Photo Credit: ABC]

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