Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson fields questions about his 11-game suspension during a press conference at the NFL team’s training facility in Berea on Thursday. Watsonsuspension 2

On Thursday, the NFL announced that it would be suspending Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson for 11 games during the 2022 NFL season, fining him $5 million, and requiring mandatory attendance at a treatment program.

While Watson and the Browns released statements that seemed to imply apologies for what 24 different women alleged that the quarterback did to them during massage sessions while a member of the Houston Texans, they then held a strange press conference where it seemed as though they had a really hard time taking responsibility and admitting fault.

It’s been a banner day for people stepping up to defend Watson while dancing around exactly what the “situation” was that got him suspended and will see him require treatment in order to return to the NFL. Adding to the list of enablers is Watson’s agent, David Mulugheta, who took to Twitter to say that his client is “innocent” and that has not changed.

“Deshaun as always stated he is innocent of sexual assault,” wrote Mulugheta. “Nothing has changed in what he said. He also said he is remorseful, the decisions he made have created this situation. The settlement allows him to move forward with his life and career.”

As many have pointed out, if Watson is innocent of any wrongdoing, why is he also remorseful? What, exactly, is he remorseful for having done, specifically?

Meanwhile, others pointed out that Mulugheta had originally posted a different tweet in which he chastised Judge Sue Robinson, who oversaw the initial decision to suspend him for six games, for following the “NFL’s narrative” about Watson.

While the suspension matter might be over, it’s hard to believe that Deshaun Watson will be able to “push forward with my life and my career” and not constantly be reminded of this. His legal issues may be over but he’ll have to live with it forever. And as for all of the people who associate themselves with him, especially those who financially benefit from him, the dark stain will remain with them as well.

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