Deshaun Watson

While the situation between the NFL and Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson may be settled, his legal issues remain ongoing. Now, he’s been hit with a new lawsuit to add to the ones he’s already settled or is still dealing with.

Per Camryn Justice and News 5 Cleveland, a licensed massage therapist identified as “Jane Doe” has filed suit in Harris County District Court in Texas claiming that Watson “sought out sex-related acts during a massage therapy appointment that occurred on Dec. 18, 2020.”

According to the lawsuit, Watson allegedly reached out to set up an appointment via social media. As the “small business owner” was trying to grow her business, she agreed, seeing it as a great opportunity. The woman says that Watson pressured the woman into having sex with him before paying her $300 for her services, below her noted rate.

Regardless of the new allegation, Watson cannot be punished further by the NFL for any personal conduct policy violations similar to the previous ones he was suspended for. He is currently serving an 11-game suspension while also paying a $5 million fine for the myriad accusations made against him by 20+ female massage therapists.

Watson might still have a reputation for being a solid quarterback but his reputation as a human being is pretty much mud at this point. And the NFL world reacted accordingly to the news of a new lawsuit.

[Camryn Justice, News 5 Cleveland]

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