Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson

The Ohio State Highway Patrol ticketed Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson for driving 97 mph in a 70 mph zone just days after being traded to the franchise, TMZ reported Thursday.

The officers caught Watson speeding in Sandusky on June 11th while Watson was traveling back from Detroit. In the body camera footage, a patrolman asks Watson if he knew how fast he was going.

“Like, 97?” Watson asked.

“Yeah, I got you going 97,” the patrolman responded.

After failing to produce an insurance card in an otherwise cordial interaction, Watson informed the patrolman that he “just got traded to the Browns.” Watson paid the $185 fine for speeding on July 6th, according to TMZ.

“Driving that speed on I-95 in Mass will get you tailgated and flipped off by some dude driving a busted Toyota Yaris,” tweeted Dakota Randall.

‘The man’s about to get charge with a Clase Misdemeanor,” Brandon Warne tweeted.

“C’mon this really is a non issue all things considering. Headline is a reach. It’s super speeding. It’s not very uncommon unfortunately,” Marvin James II said.

“The “adult in the room” still oozing with maturity. This guy is a straight [clown emoji],” wrote one fan.

“So tired of this team,” said another, likely referencing defensive end Myles Garrett’s recent crash, in which he was cited for excessive speeding as well.

The Cleveland Browns travel to Maryland on Sunday to face the Baltimore Ravens. Deshaun Watson is slated to return to the field against his former team, the Houston Texans, on Dec. 4th.

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