There are a lot of unknowns surrounding Deshaun Watson right now.

First and foremost, there are the unknowns involved in allegations of sexual assault and misconduct related to encounters with massage therapists. He is also facing over 20 civil suits and 10 criminal complaints. To say nothing of whether or not the NFL will take action when he does finally attempt to play football again.

The Houston Texans quarterback demanded a trade before the allegations came to light and while the situation certainly changed the dynamic between the two sides, that request has remained in place.

While the Miami Dolphins have been the presumed destination, there have been other teams thrown out there as potential landing spots as well. The Carolina Panthers have been mentioned quite a bit in recent days and while head coach Matt Rhule has denied that he is interested in replacing Sam Darnold with Watson, those reports have heated up again. Pro Football Talk reported on Monday that the Panthers remain very much interested in acquiring Watson.

Considering the NFL trade deadline is Tuesday, November 2, at 4:00 p.m. ET., a deal would need to happen very soon if it’s going to happen at all. Meanwhile, the Panthers coach remains resolute that he’s not the one pushing for Watson.

“You guys know that wasn’t from me,” Rhule said regarding the Watson report. “I have nothing to add to that. My focus is on this team.”

Of course, what else is Rhule going to say? He doesn’t want to shake Darnold anymore than he’s already shaken, his early-season success firmly in the rearview mirror. But if Panthers owner really wants to acquire Watson, and Watson prefers Carolina as his destination, it’s probably going to happen whether Rhule wants it or not.

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