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While many NFL franchises have spent a lot of time without making it to the Super Bowl, the Detroit Lions are among those who have spent a very long time since winning any kind of NFL championship.

Recently, the Lions crossed the 24,000-day mark since their last NFL title.

The Lions defeated the Cleveland Browns 59-14 in the 1957 NFL Championship Game. Since then, the franchise has failed to get that far. The closest they’ve come was in 1991 when they lost in the NFC Championship Game to Washington. The Lions have never made it to the Super Bowl.

Detroit crossed the dubious 24,000-day line on September 14, 2023.

1991 was also the last time Detroit won a playoff game, defeating the Dallas Cowboys 38-6 on January 5, 1991. That means it has been almost 12,000 days since the franchise last won in the playoffs. They’ve since made the playoffs eight times, most recently in 2016, but did not win in any of those seasons.

The good news is that it looks like the Lions are on track to compete for a playoff spot so far in the 2023 NFL season. Detroit opened the year with a win over the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs and rebounded from a close loss to the Seattle Seahawks by beating the Atlanta Falcons this past weekend.

Could this be the season that the Lions end one or both of those dubious streaks? We’ll find out.

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