DeVonta Smith Credit: Fox Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles just scored a massive victory on their first drive of the NFC Championship Game. And one sequence has the NFL world abuzz. On 4th and 3, Jalen Hurts looked and found DeVonta Smith deep down the field. Smith went out and appeared to haul in an incredible one-handed catch.

Our own The Comeback feed provided video.

The catch by Smith drew plenty of reaction everywhere, but later, it was revealed it might not have been a catch after all.

A video was provided courtesy of a tweet by The Comeback, which read, “A Fox replay after the commercial break — following an Eagles TD — shows that DeVonta Smith did *not* catch that pass on 4th down.”

The Eagles scored a touchdown a few plays later on a Miles Sanders rushing TD.

This was such a huge early swing in this game. The Eagles capitalized and ran ahead on a call worthy of a challenge. They plowed forward and put up seven points. Thus far, the Niners have been unable to answer them. Given how things have gone, this could be a hugely pivotal sequence on a catch that was simply not.

The NFL world was abuzz over the entire sequence.

Kofie posted a hilarious meme of the Mona Lisa, combined with how reactionary everyone was.

Spencer Hall praised DeVonta Smith’s ridiculous body control.

[The Comeback]

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