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With Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant and Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman being two of the most outspoken players in the NFL, it was almost a cinch that the two players would get into at some point in Thursday’s game between the two teams.

And boy, did we get one heck of a skirmish. During the game there was plenty of back-and-forth between the wide receiver and defensive back. It escalated even further after the Cowboys’ win.

During the game, the two were on each other, and during the second half the two ended up having to be separated after they started yelling at each other helmet-to-helmet.

That was followed by some postgame antics, all of which were thankfully captured on the FOX telecast.

Once the two players were separated, they headed toward the locker room. But despite being away from each other, the jabs and insults just kept on coming.

This is not only a shot at Norman’s ability but a response to when Norman told reporters in 2015 that Dallas needed to get its money back from Bryant.

The microphones came soon after Bryant’s shot at Norman. Here’s how the Washington corner addressed the situation.

Norman told reporters that Bryant “bumped into me” after the game and “was like, ‘what’s up.’ ”

Norman then said: “Where I’m from, we unload the clip,” but it was unclear if he was attributing that saying to Bryant or himself.

“Don’t step to someone when the game is over like that when they’re not even looking for you, or even having a conversation with you,” Norman said. “They won the game, so you have to tip your hats off to them. But I don’t do trash, and that was trashy on his behalf.”

“If that boosts his ego, or if he needs it to fuel whatever kind of things he got in his head, then so be it,” Norman said.

“I played him three or four times now,” Norman said. “And those times, I don’t think he broke 30 yards, or had any significance of any kind in the game. Definitely didn’t have a touchdown. So, out of those three games, you would think that a guy of that magnitude, of that kind of big standards, would do more than that. But at the end of the day, I will let him speak for himself. If he feels like he wants to have that, then go play with the kids on the playground.”

Bryant also got his turn and revealed some interesting things.

“I didn’t make it personal,” Bryant said. “I was just going to come out and do my job and that’s exactly what I did. He wanted to bump and me and him got to bumping a little bit and it just made me attack him even more. I honestly feel like the guy is extremely soft. He’s a bunch of talk. If he was out and about, I wouldn’t dare on my life let him talk to me like that.

“Those words would never come out of his mouth. I promise. I promise it wouldn’t. We got after that ass and it was a hell of a win. It feels good.”

“I think he’s extremely soft. All talk,” Bryant said.

The ribbing continued.

“You supposed to be a lockdown corner, and you can’t even play man-to-man,” Bryant said. “He’s playing bail technique. That’s not man-to-man. He was scared. He was scared, man.”

“He was holding the whole night, man,” Bryant said. “How much he got paid? Seventy-something? Damn.”

Bryant also said that prior to the brouhaha that Norman tried to intimidate him by bringing up gun violence. There is definitely some weird stuff going on here.

To continue this war of words, Bryant took to Twitter.

Whew. When Dez gets on something, he really gets on something. For the Cowboys’ sake, it appears that Bryant has calmed down some.

Yeah, Dallas can’t really like Bryant running his mouth like this, even if its owner is the outspoken Jerry Jones. But while it might not be great for the Cowboys, it certainly is entertaining.

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