Dez Bryant felt that this should have been a touchdown for Hunter Henry and the Patriots.

Catch or no catch? It’s one of the most consistently confounding questions asked during NFL games. And nobody is more synonymous with those controversies than longtime NFL receiver, Dez Bryant. One such controversy arose during Thanksgiving’s game between the New England Patriots and Minnesota Vikings. Bryant did not stay silent on the matter.

New England’s Hunter Henry appeared to catch a touchdown pass late in the third quarter. But as he was going to the ground, Henry briefly lost control of the ball. Two questions existed here. One, did Henry have control of the ball before going to the ground? Two, even if he didn’t, did the ball even hit the ground?

Upon further review, the touchdown was taken away from Henry and the Patriots. It was ruled that he did not have established possession before going to the ground and that the ball did hit the ground.

Bryant has no doubt had his fill of these conversations, given what happened to him and the Dallas Cowboys in a playoff game against the Green Bay Packers following the 2014 season.

When the play was being reviewed, Dez made it clear that he thought it was a catch. So, he was not happy when the pass was ruled incomplete.

But this wasn’t just a Dez Bryant issue. Several in the NFL world voiced their frustration that the touchdown was overturned.

The NFL has consistently tried to clarify this rule but to no avail. Over the years, it has routinely confounded players, coaches and fans alike. Clearly, that’s still the case.

[Dez Bryant on Twitter, Photo Credit: NBC]

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