For those who say John Elway doesn’t hear what the public has to say, they didn’t see a tweet Elway sent out Sunday.

In the midst of the Denver Broncos’ 29-17 win over the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, the Broncos vice president of football operations and general manager responded to a tweet from a fan about the abilities of Denver quarterback Trevor Siemian that was sent more than a year ago (!).

But did Elway actually send that tweet? The tweet in question isn’t there anymore but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Elway could’ve tweeted and immediately deleted the tweet once he realized it was a bad idea. The fact that Elway rarely tweets and hasn’t tweeted since September 7 may lend some plausibility that he didn’t tweet. More importantly, looking at @nfkrauss’ original reply to Elway’s original tweet, the only reply to @nfkrauss is a tweet from @Baccx that was posted September 25, the same day Elway was supposed to have responded.

So it’s unclear whether or not Elway actually responded and what we saw was some kind of hoax. Despite all that, heading into this season, we had to know Elway and Denver was a little a strong-headed about the decision to start Siemian instead of signing a veteran to replace Peyton Manning.

So far, Elway has had the last laugh. And whether or not he wanted to make that known, it should be comforting to Broncos fans that Trevor Siemian seems like the “real deal.”

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