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Many NFL players will head to their local voting locations Tuesday and vote for Donald Trump. In fact, based on the results of an unscientific poll conducted by Bleacher Report, almost every white guy in the league who musters motivation to vote seems likely to cast his ballot in that direction.

But what America is really dying to know (ok fine not really, but play along) is whether Patriots quarterback and Make-America-Great-Again-hat-owner Tom Brady voted for Trump.

Because although Brady has dodged questions about Trump throughout election season, Trump is now claiming the quarterback (along with his coach, Bill Belichick) as a supporter.

So Brady is a rich, white guy who’s known to be friends with Trump. Seems pretty clear-cut, right?


Because Brady’s wife, Gisele Bundchen, claims (in all-caps with an exclamation mark) that she and Tom are not supporting Trump.

B-b-but that would Trump (gasp)… a liar. Or Gisele and Tom just don’t communicate that well. To be honest, both options sound pretty plausible.

But what about Belichick, whom Trump claims wrote a letter of support? Well, it’s easy to be skeptical, as New York Mag points out.

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