Dolphins fans fighting

What’s the point of getting into a brawl at a game? For one, you’ll get kicked out of the stadium. Second, you could get arrested or fined. Third, you’ll probably end up going viral for being an idiot.

The Miami Dolphins beat the San Francisco 49ers 31-24 on Sunday for their sixth straight win. During the game, a couple season ticket holders in the upper deck discovered the fourth punishment for getting into a brawl.

Their season tickets were revoked and they were banned from Hard Rock Stadium.

“We conducted an immediate internal review of the situation and have identified the season ticket members who were involved in the incident,” the team said in a written statement. “We work hard to remind fans that we want this to be a safe environment and this type of behavior and conduct is not acceptable.”

Oh look! Point number three did happen! At the time of writing this article, the following video had 500,755 views on YouTube.

According to CBS 4 in Miami, the fight started when a man in a Dolphins jersey made derogatory remarks about 49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick. The 49ers’ fan was understandably angry about the Dolphins’ fan’s comments.

Regardless of his national anthem and voting statements, the Dolphins fans were probably mad about the complimentary words Kaepernick had for Fidel Castro last week.

Naturally, our friends over at First Take had a field day with these comments.

But back to the main story here for one final thought. If you get into a brawl at a stadium you will almost definitely be kicked out. The team will then get your name and if you’re a season ticket holder, you’ll probably lose your season tickets that cost thousands of dollars per year.

Or in other words, don’t be a dumb idiot and get into a fight at a sports game.

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