Dolphins fans MIAMI GARDENS, FL – NOVEMBER 22: Miami Dolphins fans cheer during the second quarter of the game against the Dallas Cowboys at Sun Life Stadium on November 22, 2015 in Miami Gardens, Florida. (Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images)

Plenty of Miami Dolphins season ticket holders are upset with the franchise after being told that they are no longer allowed to renew their season tickets because of reselling them too many times on the NFL’s ticket exchange.

The purpose of the NFL’s ticket exchange is to do just that – buy and sell tickets through the league. But apparently, so many Dolphins fans have been doing this and the team isn’t quite happy with it.

Armando Salguero from the Miami Herald provides more information via Twitter:

This news comes after the Miami Herald learned that the team would be raising the price of nearly half of the seats at Sun Life Stadium next season. On top of that, the team shifted the date to commit to renew to December 18, which is earlier than usual.

The other problem with that date is that the Dolphins likely will not have a decision on who will be their next head coach, and the current season won’t even be over.

It can be expected that in nearly every NFL stadium, there will be a decent sampling of the opposing fans, and some teams definitely travel better than others. But to take away the season ticket holders’ rights away because they are reselling their tickets *through an NFL entity* seems wrong.

The argument that the tickets could fall in the hands of fans from visiting teams makes sense, but those tickets are just as likely to fall into the hands of another Dolphins fan.

It would be one thing if the tickets were being sold in an entity outside of the NFL, but to punish the season ticket holders for reselling through the NFL seems pretty lame. Maybe more Dolphins fans would want to buy tickets, and less Dolphins fans would want to sell tickets, if the team was better. But hey, improving the team is more difficult than cutting off season ticket holders.

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