Brett Favre in 2016 with his Pro Football Hall of Fame ring and bust.

Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre is currently weathering a massive scandal. The scandal relates to the misappropriation of millions of dollars in Mississippi welfare money to finance a volleyball stadium for a team including Favre’s daughter and a football facility. Both of those facilities are on the campus of Southern Mississippi University, Favre’s alma mater.

Favre’s shady text messages link him to the crime. Mississippi’s former director of welfare has since resigned and accepted a plea deal with state and federal authorities. Legal observers say that deal puts Favre in prosecutors’ crosshairs.

Favre (seen above at Lambeau Field in 2016 with his Pro Football Hall of Fame bust and ring), in hopes of reducing his chances of being sentenced to federal prison, Favre has hired attorney Eric Herschmann. Herschmann helped former U.S. president Donald Trump through his own scandals last year.

Axios’ Mike Allen broke the news:

“SCOOP: A top White House lawyer to President Trump will represent NFL legend Brett Favre, who is embroiled in a welfare-funds scandal in Mississippi,” the outlet tweeted.

The NFL world was quick to react to news of Favre’s latest hire:

“This is wild,” Sirius XM political anyayst Ameshia Cross wrote. “Favre and Trump have more in common than previously known. This Mississippi welfare scandal Favre engaged in will destroy his legacy, the carefully crafted faux image, end endorsements and if done right hold him accountable for his illegal activity.”

“The company you keep,” tweeted reporter Judy Battista.

Trump/Favre Corrupt much? Eric Herschmann, a top White House lawyer to President Trump, confirms to Axios he is now lead counsel to NFL legend Brett Favre, who is embroiled in a welfare-funds scandal in his home state of Mississippi,” wrote NYU professor Arthur Caplan.

“Now, while he does have Mississippi backing [because] Favre is a legend there, he doesn’t have the Senate GOP who had no intention of ever impeachment Trump. So, may not be as easy for him here,” wrote a Twitter user.

“Brett Favre would be represented by a Trump lawyer for this scandal,” wrote another user.

Favre endorsed Trump in the 2020 General Election. As of Monday, Favre has yet to be charged with any crimes.

[Axios]; photo from Benny Sieu/USA Today Sports]