Donald Trump’s campaign is reaching out to football fans in an attempt to gather more support in the final stretch of the U.S. presidential election.

Rebuilding America Now, a Trump Super PAC, is airing a new advertisement taking shots at Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for her anti-Washington Redskins stance. The ad is an obvious attempt of political intervention into NFL fandom, suggesting Clinton’s priorities, like wanting to change the Redskins name, is the latest example of her flawed ability to recognize real issues.

“Yeah, you thought you were safe,” the ad begins, “sitting in your recliner in your man cave, cold beer and a bowl of chips. Ha, you thought you’d escaped politics by focusing on football. Wrong. Hillary Clinton wants to mess up your football, too. Hillary wants to change the name of the Redskins.” The ad, released by Rebuilding America Now, concludes, “Hillary’s priorities are not your priorities.”

The ad is aimed towards Washington fans who want to keep the Redskins name. But, I’d imagine those fans who are fighting to keep the controversial logo and name are probably already Trump supporters. Trump publicly stated before he doesn’t believe the organization should change its name calling the efforts “excessive political correctness.”

It’s an interesting political tactic to target football fans, but it could be slightly effective. At the very least, Trump’s campaign certainly knows how to cater to their audience.

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