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At the end of Super Bowl LVII, there will be more than one winner. Yes, of course, the crowned champions, but Donna Kelce will take home her own W.

Her sons, Jason and Travis Kelce, will be playing one another as the Philadelphia Eagles take on the Kansas City Chiefs. While Donna is used to her two boys playing football, she’s changing up the way she handles her motherly pregame duties this time around.

“I gave them both a handwritten note, which I never do, with the cookies on Monday and told them, you know, leave it all on the field, try your hardest and just enjoy it — this is going to be pure joy and hopefully will be OK,” Donna told FOX Sports’ Erin Andrews on Sunday prior to kick off.

Donna usually sends her sons a text before a game, but for the Super Bowl, you put more effort into that.

She also admitted her media appearance calendar has been pretty robust as the week carried on. That’s something she’s not used to, being in the background of Jason and Travis.

“They’ve been doing it for 10 years, so I can do it for two weeks,” Donna added.

She had been a little emotional watching a piece about the Kelce brothers.

“It’s very emotional to see them and how they progressed over time, to play and become, I think, some of the top athletes in the NFL. It’s just very rewarding,” Donna said.

So, who will she be rooting for?

The offense.

Jason is a center for the Eagles, with Travis holding tight end responsibilities for his Kansas City squad. Donna made sure to sport both of her son’s teams with a split jacket, and one shoe on each foot dedicated to each.



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