FIFA 17 trailer

Sports games often get criticized for being roster and graphics updates, but EA Sports is trying to change that mindset with their latest installment of FIFA.

EA held its annual E3 conference on Sunday in California and among the big reveals was new footage and details about the latest installments of the ongoing FIFA and Madden series’.

FIFA 17 has already generated a significant amount of buzz as EA revealed the next version of the game will feature a new “The Journey” series mode. Using the Frostbite game engine, FIFA 17 will allow you to play a new story mode, where you create a soccer player and rise up the rankings of the Premier League.

The trailer emphasizes the highs and lows of a soccer career and frankly, it looks amazing. Hopefully, it has more depth and is deeper than competing video games story modes, like NBA 2K17’s disappointing Spike Lee career mode.

With a new game engine and a bold-looking story mode, FIFA 17 should continue its reign as the top-selling soccer game franchise in the world.

On the football side of things, Madden 17 looks like more or less the same. There are some new features, like Play The Moments which will allow fans to jump into important moments during games while simulating through the rest of it. It’s neat, as instead of simulating games during the season, you can still do that, but participate in the big moments without putting all the time in. You can find more details about the mode here.

All the other upgrades seem to be minor. The new features which allow for better game planning and features such as practice squads will now be available. More or less, it’s a better skin on a familiar game.

We don’t know too much about FIFA 17 other than what was announced yesterday. It looks to be the best version of an already great game to date. As for Madden 17, it looks fine.

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