Eagles Commanders Twitter After soundly defeating them on the field, the Eagles hilariously trolled the Commanders on Twitter.

There wasn’t a lot of suspense in Sunday’s game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Commanders. After a scoreless first quarter, the Eagles dominated the second and took a 24-0 lead at halftime. Washington did trim the gap some in the fourth quarter but Philadelphia won convincingly, 24-8. When the game was over, the Eagles beat their NFC East rivals again — this time on social media.

As most teams do, the Commanders have their logo painted on the 50-yard line of their home field. In Washington’s case, that is a big W. After the game, someone in Philadelphia’s social media department erased that W on Twitter and replaced it with a more fitting logo for the occasion — a giant L.

This is the second time in as many weeks that the Commanders have been trolled by the team that they just lost to. After Week 2, it was the Detroit Lions, who hilariously poked fun at Washington’s coffee mug mishap from the week before.

As was the case when the Lions poked fun at the Commanders, the NFL world didn’t have any problems finding the humor with this epic trolling.

The Commanders and Eagles will play again on November 14, when they meet in Philadelphia for Monday Night Football. If that game is anything like Sunday, the social media activity after the game may be more intriguing than what happens on the field during it.

[Philadelphia Eagles on Twitter]

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