The Eagles were -6 today at most books as they took on Washington in D.C., and for most of the contest it looked like people who had taken the points were on the correct side. In fact, up until the very last seconds of the game they were.

Philadelphia led 31-27 with six seconds to go, but Washington held the ball near midfield. Presumably either a hail mary or a lateral play was coming, but either way, Washington bettors had to feel pretty safe at this point. Obviously the only thing that would hurt them would be Washington somehow turning it over for a score, but surely that would be pretty unlikely given this field position and game scenario, and…oh, no.

Oh no. It’s tough to say what the worst part of it must have been for people who were on Washington. There’s the initial disaster as Dwayne Haskins has to make a panicked flip backwards resulting in a fumble. Then there’s Nigel Bradham deciding to scoop it up instead of just falling on it, and then Bradham’s decision to try and score instead of taking a knee to end the game.

If forced to guess, though, it’s that Chris Thompson makes an incredible effort to prevent the touchdown, sprinting all the way back and forcing Nigel Bradham to leap for the goal line and extend to score, which he does, even though whether he scored or not made no difference to the outcome of the game at that point.

With that, the Eagles covered, sending many people to their worst beat of the season, while rescuing plenty of people who played the favorite and somehow got rewarded for it in the end.

Ah, gambling.

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